This section showcases a few of Quark's open-source components/projects.


The Simple Discord API Library for Quark.

Gluon is a library made specifically for Quark, so only has options to cache anything that Quark needs to cache. Many things are missing from this library. There are also options to further refine caching, in order to minimise memory usage. Some structures are also stored in "weird" ways in order to optimise memory usage, such as the use of bitfields in order to store groups of binary fields or ids being stored as BigInts rather than strings. The docs can be found at


How Quark downloads, compresses and encrypts files.

Quark will download every file sent to channels that Quark can view. Files are encrypted using AES-256 encryption. It is impossible for the file to be decrypted unless you know the ID of the guild, channel and file, as well as the uncompressed size of the file.