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Advanced moderation and logging.

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Why Quark?

Quark is a highly customizable Discord logging bot that allows you to log messages, images, and much more.

Message Logs

Log deleted messages, edited messages, and when a message is pinned.

Member Logs

Log who joins and leaves your server. Even see who invited them.

Voice Logs

Log who joins and leaves a voice channel and see who moved someone.

File Logs

File logger bot. See files which have been deleted.

Role Logs

Record when someone creates, deletes or updates roles in your server.

Channel Logs

Record when a new channel is created, deleted and modified.

Mod Logs

Keep track of moderation actions carried out on users. Kicking, banning and timeout.

Action Logs

Logs the creation and deletion of emojis and invites.

Server Logs

Logs modifications made to the settings of your server.

And So Much More...

Custom tags, moderation commands, multi-language support... the only Discord logger bot you'll ever need!


Quark is trusted in over 12400 Discord servers.

And here is what the biggest have to say.
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Melon Sandbox Official

728K+ members



We chose Quark because it logs files in messages, which is very useful. A link to the context of the message also helps with moderation. And in general it shows a lot of important information.Join Server
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182K+ members

Server Owner

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Quark has been a resourceful addition to our server, especially its file logging. We can moderate without worry of prohibited images being posted without our awareness.Join Server
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Remembering Technoblade

119K+ membersDiscord Partnered icon



Quark is an amazing bot! We use it for image logs and it was so simple to set up. It makes moderating the server much easier and we couldn't go without it.

Badge 99

143K+ membersDiscord Verified icon


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I like the bot very much as it helps our staffs to manage Voice Channels more efficiently and everything in the logging system is very much easy to understand as well as very well organised. I am satisfied with the bot. 👍Join Server

NBA Zone

25K+ membersDiscord Partnered icon



The reason we choose Quark was because of its logging, can directly see images that get deleted, and the logging is really fast. You can simply type one command and have everything set up.Join Server
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Da Hood EU

27K+ members

Server Manager

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Reaction logging on Quark is a unique feature I haven't seen on other logging bots before. Its logging methods for mass-deleted texts, images, and reactions are some of the great features of the bot. In addition, the easy-to-use panel of the bot helps users who have less experience with Discord bots. Setting up the bot does not take long, and the customizability of the bot fits most, if not all, use cases associated with logging. Overall, I am very satisfied with this bot, and I heavily recommend it.Join Server